Classroom Curious

Imagine if it was easy for all teachers to be creative, rigorous and innovative. If they actively, authentically and consciously engaged students in the process of learning. Imagine if students were so successful in their point of entry that they couldn’t wait to get to school.

The Classroom Curious team set out to create a program for learning a school’s culture and improving practice. Through their research, they identified IDEO’s ‘Shadow a Student’ challenge as a foundation on which to build this program.

Shadowing a student involves a leader or teacher ‘ditching the suit’, identifying a student subject and immersing themselves in their subject’s school life for a day or more. Through this process, leaders and teachers are able to gain surprising insights and challenge their assumptions about the lives of the students in their care.

The full Classroom Curious program includes a complete suite of tools to facilitate widespread uptake of student shadowing to increase teacher efficacy and identify possible issues in schools. These tools include guides on introducing the concept of shadowing to a school and getting ‘buy-in’ from staff and leadership, identifying trial groups and upskilling participants, the shadowing process itself, and how to reflect on insights and ‘hack’ school culture.

The Classroom Curious team’s prototype is a draft student-shadowing toolkit, and can be visited here.

Team members: Anita O’Donohue, Lucie Rice, Robyn Miller, Santino Giancono, Suzanne Bursey