Leading Learning Networks

Imagine if we enabled school clustering for widespread collaboration – system supported, school directed and teacher and student led – to enable educators to learn for life and share practice, pedagogy and deep learning.

Our world is more connected than ever, but is the CEWA system and its schools taking advantage of this?

The Leading Learning Networks team found that teachers are often isolated, not connecting to other teachers in their geographical areas or around their passions. Communications are largely directed up and down – not across. Currently many learning and sharing opportunities are lost, with the School Improvement Team under pressure to support fifty schools at once.

Leading Learning Networks are clusters of schools designed to increase teacher collaboration, facilitate idea- and skill-sharing, and take advantage of the profound combined knowledge of the community. Each cluster is centred on a hub, supported by a Leading Learning Connector, and serviced by pedagogical coaches and key teachers who work together to support a network of learning.

Leading Learning Networks present many advantages to the current system, including:

  • Better student outcomes through professional enrichment, collaboration, resource synergy, student opportunities and community assets
  • A networked system that better facilitates the sharing of knowledge, know-how, resources and innovation development
  • A new level of capacity to change and staff engagement and delight

The Leading Learning Networks team’s prototype is an animated presentation explaining the concept in order to build community engagement and excitement.

Team members: Dan Wood, Grant Haggerty, Michelle Lloyd, Sharon Le Ray, Wayne Cowie