System Brilliance

Imagine if student achievement vastly improved due to brilliant teachers seeing classroom teaching as an attractive alternative to formal leadership, choosing to remain in the classroom.

Catholic Education Western Australia is full of excellent teachers. But teachers are life-long learners too; they want to continue challenging themselves, improving their practice, and making a real difference in their schools. As the system currently exists, the majority of teachers feel they have no choice but to reduce or give up their time in the classroom in order to follow traditional leadership pathways.

The System Brilliance team proposes an alternative pathway, where experienced teachers who wish to stay in the classroom are recognised as Master teachers. Master teachers are practical leaders who are recognised for their excellent classroom skills. They have the opportunity to mentor other teachers while staying in the classroom doing what they love.

System Brilliance also incorporates a codified talent-identification methodology, as well as training, resources and processes to facilitate the new Master teacher program.

The System Brilliance team’s prototype includes a map of the talent-identification system, a ‘day in the life’ of a remote teacher, a process map of the multiple pathways to success in the system, and a vision of a successful future in the form of a newspaper celebrating CEWA’s success.

Team members: Gabrielle Doyle, Lisa Gallin, Lisa Wolfe, Michael Graffin, Sharon Davis