Imagine if students could choose their preferred learning path through their school journey and were provided with the ongoing support, scaffolding and resourcing to satisfy their curiosities. Imagine if educators had everything at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere, and successfully developed their ability to learn and create from their passions.

When students are motivated to learn, they naturally acquire the skills they need to get the work done.

Team Transform Learning realised that to fully meet the needs of twenty-first-century learners, the teaching, learning and assessment cycle needs to change. Enter #Passion4Learning, a month-long campaign designed to reignite passion for learning across the entire system.

Team Transform Learning believes that education needs to move away from the current assessment-heavy, standardised, ‘industrial’ model. The graduates of the future will need to be passionate and curious learners for life: flexible, independent and resilient enough to handle the challenges of the twenty-first century.

#Passion4Learning is designed to get students more engaged in their learning, for teachers to share in that journey, and for leaders to facilitate this process.

The #Passion4Learning campaign comprises a social media campaign centred around a robust online toolkit that provides leaders and teachers with the resources they need to create an education revolution within their school, including student shadowing, learning walk and genius hour kits.

Team Transform Learning’s prototype is a prototype of the #Passion4Learning online toolkit website, and can be visited here.

Team members: Caroline Payne, John Finneran, Kate Dunstan, Marriann O’Neill, Natasha Quinn, Vicki Buchanan