During the course of the Studio Curious Design Thinking Accelerator, a diverse group of forty participants convened once a fortnight at the Studio at Leederville to learn and apply design-thinking principles to the Catholic education system in Western Australia. Over twelve weeks, these teachers, principals and CEWA staff have worked together to identify the challenges our community is facing, to build empathy, and to ideate and design prototypes of initiatives to improve the system and equip teachers and students alike with the skills required to face the twenty-first century with confidence, compassion and resilience.

Key questions

Each prototype has its origin in a ‘How might we?’ question that the Accelerator project teams asked themselves. Questions like ‘How might we cater for the health and wellbeing of our staff?’, ‘How might we empower students to be lifelong learners?’ and ‘How might we make RE irresistible, so it’s the reason why people send their kids to a Catholic school?’ were addressed, then further narrowed down into sub-questions so that teams could decide on a focus for their prototypes.


Big ideas, small actions

The Accelerator project teams were tasked with identifying the ‘big idea’ that they would like implemented at CEWA over a number of months or years, and then coming up with a ‘small action’ that would kickstart the community’s engagement with this big idea. The small actions would form the basis of the prototypes, which the project teams designed with support from Knowledge Society.