The School for the Soul

Imagine if staff were excited to teach RE. Imagine if students were free to learn, to create, to question and to discover in RE classes. Imagine if parents could say with intentionality that they chose our Catholic education system for its religious education program.

For Team Faith Fantastic, faith is the constant in a sea of change. Their prototype, The School for the Soul, focuses on the transformation of religious education at Catholic Education Western Australia.

The team’s research found that, while young people in Catholic schools gain great value from the warmth and relationships built in religious education, many of their comments about their experience in RE classes still concentrate on relevance. Students’ minds and lives are surrounded by numerous positive factors: sport, leaders of society, relationships, communication and creative expression. Religious education should enhance and help students celebrate these positives with the fresh eyes of faith.

A co-designed RE curriculum that honours the knowledge and curriculum organisation of the current program and invites the innovation of passionate teachers, specialists and creative designers to work together will transform RE in WA.

Team Faith Fantastic’s prototype for the transformation of RE at CEWA is The School for the Soul, an interactive app designed to enliven Catholicism in an authentic way, through the medium of technology. The app is a ‘one stop shop’ for innovative and contemporary resources, including provisions for RE in vibrant learning spaces, Aboriginal spirituality, special-needs education and design thinking in RE. It is a holistic, Christ-centred resource forum for teaching RE for today’s students.

You can access the interactive app prototype here.

Team members: Gemma Thomson, Karmela Messineo, Katherine Kelly, Vincent Restifo