Imagine if as a community, we created the conditions for proactive self-care and the care of others and set out to improve the physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of staff.

Teachers report the highest level of occupational stress in the western world. The attrition rate among early career teachers is fifty per cent. Students rely on their teachers to be on top of their game, so that they can have the best chance of learning and growing. But as stress and burnout wear down a large portion of the workforce, we need to turn our attention to teacher wellbeing before it’s too late.

The emotional load of teaching is linked to the need for strong positive teacher–student relationships, the often fraught nature of interactions with families and carers, the worry of setting students up for failure when we require them to reach standards some cannot realistically achieve, and the compromising of teacher self-efficacy through political and media finger-pointing.

The WellMe! team seeks to improve teacher wellbeing by raising awareness of the importance of self-care, as well as providing resources in the form of an app and buddy system, printed wellbeing cards, and a dedicated CEWA wellbeing team.

The WellMe! team’s prototype for the transformation of teacher wellbeing is a prototype of an interactive app that contains cards and prompts to help CEWA staff ‘check in’ with themselves and develop coping strategies; connects staff to their local Wellbeing Officer or team for one-on-one help and group workshops; gives access to special wellness offerings; and links them into a buddy system for peer support.

You can access the interactive app prototype here.

Team members: Daine Burnett, Greg Martin, Michael Morris, Nicole Burrows